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We pay top dollar for both end-of-life vehicles and scrap metal. Simply contact Brookfield at 1-800-464-0616 or for a quote and arrangements for a drop-off at Brookfield, 100 Lamont St., Elmsford, N.Y., 10523, or a pick-up.



Fill out this form for a free vehicle pick-up. If the vehicle is:

Less than 8 years old:

provide a title

More than 8 years old:

provide a title or a copy of your driver’s license and a completed lost title form

10 years old or older, abandoned and has been on your property for more than 30 days:

provide an abandoned vehicle form

Scrap Metal


Contact Brookfield to arrange drop-off or pick-up.

Get started today. Contact us for a fast quote and let us help you meet all your recycling needs.